OCHRAVINE will produce the following deliverables.

Work Package 1 – Pre-harvest indicators for the development of the OchraVine Control predictive model

D1.1: Report on the population dynamics of the ochratoxigenic fungal strains in vineyards

D1.2: Description of the role of the AclaeA gene in the infection strategy of Aspergillus carbonarius

D1.3: Report on the life cycle and epidemiology of insects on grape

D1.4: Report on the resistance/tolerance of various commercial vine varieties to Aspergillus carbonarius

D1.5: Database on environmental indicators affecting the occurrence of OTA producing fungi and OTA emergence in the harvest vineyards

D1.6: Report on selection and recording of agricultural practices that affect significantly OTA emergence during pre-harvest period

D1.7: Report on risk assessment of OTA in grapes


Work Package 2 – OchraSensor development and preventive OTA management actions

D2.1: OchraSensor Development and validation in vine chain

D2.2: Report on biological management of ochratoxigenic fungi during the pre-harvest period

D2.3  Report on chemical management of ochratoxigenic fungi during the pre-harvest period

D2.4  Report on management of Lobesia botrana

D2.5  Report on post-harvest practices in grape, raisin wine chain

D2.6  Report on measurement of critical points in post-harvest practices in grape, raisin wine chain

D2.7  Report on evaluation, recommendation and selection of indicators of post-harvest practices


Work Package 3 – Development and validation of Pre- and Post-Harvest Models and the OchraVine Control Decision Support System

D3.1: Tested and validated dynamic crop model for the development of OTA producing fungi in grape berries at pre-harvest level

D3.2: Model for the development of OTA at post-harvest level in raisins and currants

D3.3: Post-harvest model for the development of OTA in wine

D3.4: Development and validation of the OchraVine Decision Support System

D3.5: LCA and Risk Assessment Report


Work Package 4 – Training of the practitioners on the near-to-practice NFC

D4.1: OchraVine Control Communication and Dissemination Strategy

D4.2: OchraVine Control Web-portal, Blog and Social Media Groups

D4.3: OchraVine Control Dissemination Materials

D4.4, 4.5: Report on OchraVine Control Events and Dissemination


Work Package 5 – Project Coordination and Management

D5.1: Progress Report 1

D5.2: Mid-term project meeting

D5.3: Progress Report 2