Piraeus, Greece

Partner Description

NEUROPUBLIC (, an ICT SME (90+ employees) specialized in the development of integrated information systems and high-demand applications, with a special focus on agriculture. NP products and services are being successfully used for over 10 years, by more than 800.000 end-users in agriculture, local government and healthcare. NP has participated in various European Space Agency (ESA) projects (such as Euro-VO Registry, Space Certifiable Compiler Extensions, Data Modelling Technologies, etc.) as well as EC funded projects like H2020 DataBio (

In 2013, NP started the conceptual design of gaiasense (, its Smart Farming (SF) system, aiming to provide next generation advice to farmers. In this context, NP designed and developed the gaiatron telemetric stations for the monitoring of environmental and soil variables. Data recorded by gaiatrons are combined  with a variety of data coming from sources like remote sensing (RPAs and satellites), proximity sensors, farm logs and other farm data and feed a cloud-based DSS that supports the decision-making mechanism for the farmer’s every-day farming activities, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Currently, there are 13 pilot sites covering more than 24.000 ha of 11 different crops, offering SF advisory services on fertilisation, irrigation and pest management / hazard warnings against 15 pests and 29 diseases. The gaiasense SF services are also piloted and improved in the context of DataBio (, the H2020 Large Scale Pilot project on BigData applications for Agriculture, where NP is currently responsible for the organisation of the Precision agriculture pilots in olives, fruits, grapes and vegetables, which are implemented across Europe.

NP has also developed the information system GAIA ( which is a significant and efficient tool for information support of the needs of each body of the cooperative and private agricultural economy. GAIA provides a plethora of services in the areas of subsidies, smart farming, traceability, professional networks, certifications, management and e-commerce to more than 680.000 end-users (~80% of all Greek agricultural stakeholders), covering the whole spectrum of agrifood stakeholders, including farmers, agronomists, researchers and more.

People involved in the project

Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos

President, Leader of the Smart Farming Sector R&D
Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos

Neuropublic AE Pliroforikis & Epikoinonion
Methonis 6 & Spiliotopoulou, 18545
Tel.: +302104101010