Social and Economic Impact

OchraVine Control will significantly contribute to the European Sustainable Development with its economic, social and environmental dimensions. The project will provide economic added value through new technologies, services or business models that improve competitiveness and prosperity, and promoting job creation or safeguarding jobs. The social dimension arises from the fact that the project addresses a food safety issue (food mycotoxin contamination) and the new products and technologies will improve human health, safety and quality of life, safety and security of individuals and populations and will contribute to new skill formation.

The project has also a goal to develop an integrated management system for OTA in grapes by reducing the chemical pesticides applied in vineyards and promoting biological control products (natural dimension) thus a) protecting the environment/people by reducing pesticide residues, b) restoring natural resources and ecosystems and c) increasing the biodiversity of the vine agroecosystem.

The social impact of the OchraVine Control project is significant, because choosing as a test-bed the field of safety in food manufacturing we will contribute to increase the accuracy of controls in the European food production chain. The risk assessment of OTA at different points of the vine chain instead of the final product and the development of a sensor and a dedicated web application on agro-food safety dynamics of raw and processed food materials will be a valuable issue, helping to increase consumer confidence in European goods not only in Europe but also all over the world and building consumer trust in the food industry and national authorities. This will also strengthen the competiveness of the European industry in the contributing domains of sensors technology, data analysis and control solutions with respect to economically sustainable industrial processes. In turn, this will increase the retention and creation of jobs, especially in the food sector and the area of technology for the European measurement and automation and processing industries.