OchraVine Work Packages

In order to achieve the OchraVine Control goals a project duration of 48 months with 5 Work Packages will allow active planning and management of achieving the project goals.
OchraVine Control project has been designed with 3 technical (R&D and innovation activities) Work Packages (WP1-3) with continuous progress assessment between the individual scientific and methodological approaches, innovation and the validation and demonstration of the project developments (WP4).
The project will be carried out under the overall governance of a work package dedicated to management and evaluation of project progress and results (WP5).

  • WP1. Pre-harvest indicators for the development of the OchraVine Control predictive model

    • Identify, select and monitor the most important fungal, pest and host indicators and other drivers for OTA emergence during pre- harvest of grapes
    • Study the infection strategy of ochratoxigenic fungi in grapes
    • Identify crucial environmental indicators and agricultural practices involved in OTA outbreaks
    • Provide updated information about the life cycle and epidemiology of OTA producing fungi in grape especially under a climate change scenario.
    • Selection of the most important indicators that will be crucial inputs for the models to be developed in WP3.
    • Provide updated information on risk assessment of OTA
  • WP2. OchraSensor development and preventive OTA management actions

    • Develop a cost-efficient, innovative, precise, rapid and easy to use sensor system for OTA detection in grapes to be used for farmers and industrials
    • Evaluate novel biological products for OTA management during the pre-harvest period
    • Evaluate chemical compounds for OTA management during the pre-harvest period
    • Develop management strategies of Lobesia botrana
    • Critical post-harvest indicators for the prevention of mycotoxin production will be tested in vine value chain
    • The most critical post-harvest indicators will be crucial inputs for the models to be developed in WP3
  • WP3. Development and validation of Pre- and Post-Harvest Models and the OchraVine Control Decision Support System

    • Development of pre- and post-harvest detection and early warning tools (OchraRisk map and OchraDetect map) to detect the occurrence of OTA in the OchraVine Control vine chain and of the ochratoxigenic fungi
    • Design and creation of cloud data for the OchraVine Control Decision Support System (DSS)
    • Design the User Interface
    • Integration of the Decision Support System
    • To translate the vision of OchraVine Control into sustainable business models
  • WP4. Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation and Public Engagement of the OchaVine Control

    • To continuously present and promote project results ensuring large awareness of the academic community, industry and end-users
    • To organize and deliver a set of promotional, dissemination material, events and workshops
    • To establish an ecosystem around the entire vine value chain of actors concerned with ochratoxins and prepare the ground for the introduction of OchraVine DSS overall solution in European wine and raisins markets
  • WP5. Project Coordination and Management

    • Implementing the Project Quality Plan
    • Monitoring Project progress and achievements as well as risks and contingencies
    • Maintaining Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement
    • Promoting communication and information exchange among consortium participants
    • Ensuring timely reporting to the Commission
    • Efficiently managing all administrative and financial aspects